Where body, mind and spirit detoxifies

Between the stresses of everyday life and the impurities found in processed food, we know that the body is full of toxins and the mind is full of tension. At Harmony Clinic  we are dedicated to promoting detoxification, healing, health, and wellbeing by stimulating and supporting your body's natural ability to heal and regulate itself the way it was intended to do.

Harmony Clinic is a holistic detoxification center, of complementary therapies and beauty,  dedicated to well-being and quality service. It is a place born out of passion and desire to provide smiles and pure health to all the people who will step into this sanctuary of harmony.

The Harmony Clinic philosophy is a detoxification, relaxing and revitalizing one for the entire body, bringing together authentic ancient healing traditions with contemporary therapies, designed to nurture the mind, body and soul together.

Featuring  Colon hydrotherapy, Ionic Detox, Hopi Candle, Bioresonance, Oxigen Jet Therapy, Galvanic Spa, Massage and Rebounding services, our intention is to foster harmony and balance of the mind, body and spirit through attentive caring and personalized bodywork. Our non-invasive approach leaves our clients refreshed, renewed, and looking forward to their next visit.

Our state-of the- art facility and highly trained technicians are there to provide you an optimum health.

We invite you forget the stresses of your day to day and flee in our tranquil heaven!