Raw food

The raw vegan diet is plant-based and basically includes raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and nut pastes or butters, seeds, grain and legume sprouts, plant oils, herbs, and fresh juices -preferably organic. Organic produce, though more expensive, is much sweeter-tasting and healthier than non-organic. Switching to a raw vegan diet from the modern cooked diet can be a huge step and may produce a serious detox crisis so it is advisable to first take intermediate steps like going vegetarian or vegan and getting off of refined sugar and salt and other harmful or addictive chemicals. Bread, baked goods and flour or grain products in general are perhaps the most addictive foods of all. Our modern Western diet is very taste-oriented and we are basically all drug addicts, so this is the hardest part to get over before you can enjoy the benefits of a natural raw diet, but the fight will be worth it. It usually takes about a month or two for the old food cravings to subside or vanish, depending on your particular state, or method of transition.

One of the first effects of the raw food diet is the weight you will lose.

The other effect of the raw food diet is of course the way you look and feel. Your eyes will become brighter, your skin softer, and your gait or step faster and better coordinated. Best of all you will slow down or even reverse the aging process, especially if you combine this diet with fasting. Healthier, of course, also means happier. You will radiate joy and confidence and will wonder why everyone else is not eating this way. Not only will you be doing yourself a favor on the raw vegan diet, but the planet as well. Can you imagine if everyone was a raw vegan? No more disease or pain. No more pollution, industry, or corruption. Everyone would be healthy and happy and the animals and the planet itself would benefit enormously and be greatful. Real food is raw and live and good for you and produced and packaged by nature herself, ready to be eaten and enjoyed. Everything else is man's perversion or experimentation and carries with it a high price.

Be smart, be healthy, be a raw vegan!